sup (zombiesauros) wrote in mechanicalmotif,

Welcome to Mechanical Motif.

Mechanical Motif is a members only community with the sole purpose of displaying my unfinished or in progress writing. I've decided to stop posting incomplete stories or fanfics on other sites because, well, no one likes an unfinished story. This way I can post all sorts of story related tidbits without worrying about people getting upset that I never finish.

Why a community and not a separate journal?
A community makes it easier on everyone. It allows me to post things quickly, without having to log out, and it allows other people to join the community, but not have to friend it. This keeps their friend's list flood-free when I post a lot of things at once.

Why do members need to be approved?
I plan on publishing some of my stuff someday and I don't want it floating all over the internet on some popular art site, like Deviantart. I also hate posting things that aren't finished and disappointing people. This way I can post things without having to worry about disappointing anyone because the people truly interested in my work can bug the piss out of me to finish.

Why is it called Mechanical Motif?
I liked the way it sounded. And mechanical things ARE something of a motif in a lot of my works, especially guns.

How can I join?
Just leave a comment here. If I don't know you, I may not approve your membership. Just let me know who you are, or get to know me.
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